Our Story

Ryder Simpson-Jackson’s story

My name is Ryder Simpson-Jackson but you can call me Boy Wonder. Jack Jackson is my loving adopted androgynous genderqueer punk parent and founder of alljackedup. Jack met my mum on a big gay tour of the world back in 2011 and left the small island of Guernsey to live with me (and mum) in the big smoke - Toronto, Canada.

Once in Toronto, Jack decided to never tone down their dress sense (which was so intrinsically tied to identity) ever again. Jack unapologetically refused to abide by the heteronormative binary dress codes that had previously been suffocating. Herein lay the problem, most of the clothes Jack loved didn’t fit their body or gender – they had been designed for cisgender men. With the encouragement and help of their adopted Canadian mum, Pauline Sullivan, and their wife, Lisa Simpson, Jack took out a loan, bought a sewing machine and started on a passionate love affair with fashion on Jack’s terms.

As with all good fashion houses, alljackedup also caters to the extended queer family, us pooches, so that we too can walk proudly down the street like we own it (we do). I like to help Jack look as dapper as possible, and we can often be spotted on Queen Street rocking our matching bow ties.

Alljackedup launched and was very well received at World Pride in Toronto, June 2014. The founder, Jack Jackson is a fiercely proud member of the queer, gender non-conforming and trans community within Toronto.