Ties To Love™

‘What is the Ties To Love™ Campaign?

The Ties to Love™ Campaign (formally Bowtie Fridays) is an international movement of solidarity, love and support for the gender non-conforming and trans community. It’s aim is to raise awareness around trans issues and to give back to queer and trans youth all whilst creating community ties. The Campaign runs regular competitions via the Facebook group, offering prizes donated by Alljackedup Inc., Toronto, and other community supporters.

We sadly are all too often reminded of the attempted suicide / self harm rate of gender non-conforming individuals being around the 41% mark compared to 1.6% of the general population (stats vary depending on region/culture). This statistic is deeply disturbing and is simply appalling in a progressive society in 2015. The magnitude of the problems faced by gender variant people could not be clearer with this stark statistic, but what is truly shocking is that this is a direct result of societal discrimination, systemic discrimination and violence both verbal and physical. Let’s be clear on one thing, the issues trans people face are largely caused by the daily discrimination and violence they face, they do not stem from dissatisfaction within themselves.

We recognize the growing appetite for engagement and understanding of the trans and gender non-conforming community. We aim to move away from language using the old clichés of sensationalist tabloid headlines and journalists taking so intrusively about surgery and genitals. We aim to reach a wider non-trans audience and highlight the humanistic aspect of diverse trans peoples lives. These differences that separate us are the very essence of the human experience and we as a species should be embracing, nurturing and learning from our collective experience and histories.

The Campaign was started by Jack Jackson of Alljackedup Inc. Jack moved from a small island in the Channel Islands to Toronto in 2011 and for the first time found somewhere they could call home. Overwhelmed by the diversity, inclusiveness, sporting, and creative opportunities for the queer community Jack set up alljackedup in 2014 for the queer, androgynous and transmasculine fashion conscious.

Jack, the Campaign committee, our allies and the community seek to share information and increase understanding of trans lives. We showcase real trans lives, educate, have fun, and build and nurture those all important bonds, those ties. Our community ties.

Much love